Consider a Stairway Lift instead of an Elevator

Insider Tip:

If you buy a stairlift on-line to install yourself, you won't have a labor warranty and will need to be able to troubleshoot over the phone and then fix your lift yourself. We have seen repairs on self-installs exceed $800 - so beware of what you are getting into.


In the Atlanta and Chattanooga areas, call
Blue Moose Elevators
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If you think you would like to install your own stair lift, contact
Best Stair Lift Store
for the best prices and service.
866-797-LIFT (5438)


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    A stairway lift is a quick way to get up and down stairs at a reasonable cost.

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    What should you consider when choosing a stair lift?
    Speed - A stairway lift is about half as fast as an elevator.
    Cost - A stairway lift will cost just a fraction of the cost of an elevator. You can typically buy a new stairway lift to install yourself for under $2,000 and you can have one installed for $2,900 and up.
    Options - There are a few options such as seat width, leather, grocery basket and seat color. The more expensive brands of stairlift even give you options such as power folding track, power seat swivel and power footrest. These more complicated units are not available for self-installation.
    Controls - The controls on a stairway lift are constant pressure. You have to keep pressure on the button during the trip or the lift will stop.
    Capacity - A stair lift will typically hold 1 person up to 300 lbs, although each brand and model will vary slightly. If the user is close to the upper end of the weight range, it is better to go with an AC unit as the batteries will wear out quicker running at capacity. A stair lift will not carry a wheelchair, however a person who uses a wheelchair may be able to transfer into the seat and then into a second wheelchair at the top landing.
    Power - You need 110V power for a stairway lift. Whether you buy a battery or 110V unit, they both need to be plugged in all the time.